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Past Exhibitions

Intimate Dwellings

Intimate Dwellings is curated by Sso-Rha Kang and features works by Rain Chou, Yuxiang Dong, and Elese Daniel. The exhibition will run from June 18th to July 9th 2022.

Intimate Dwellings explores the nuances of intimacy through the lens of culture, identity, time, and the body. This exhibition aims to highlight the residual remnants of intimacy and its many forms through a poetic text-based installation, a family study in film, abstract documentations of the self, and an artifact that links the present and the past.

Sso-Rha Kang is an educator and curator based in Cincinnati, OH. She is the Director of Galleries and Outreach at Northern Kentucky University, KY. Her research interests delve into areas of institutional critique, blankness, and aesthetic experience which are rooted in her penchant for banal, slow, and reductive art. She received her Bachelor’s and Masters’s in Art History at the University of Cincinnati (Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning) and has curated exhibitions at The Carnegie (Covington, KY), Wave Pool (Cincinnati, OH), The Contemporary Arts Gallery (Cincinnati, OH) and NKU Galleries (Highland Heights, KY).

Rain Chou is the daughter of two fiercely resilient Asian-American immigrants. Chou extends herself to branch universal conversations through interlingual mediums, focusing in ceramic, film, and print-based works. She is emboldened to share stories and drive changes by way of artistry and the Law. In 2020, Chou received her Bachelor of fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning and a Legal Studies Certificate from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Law.

Elese Daniel moonlights as a poet – pushing and pulling text, seeking verse in prose and video. Her poetry was recently published in Ginger (2020) and Dinner Bell (2020). Elese is more often published unconventionally. Her work has been used as lyrical text for choral and classical music composition and exhibited as visual art, such as structural veil (2020) and ellipsis (2020) at the Weston Art Gallery in Cincinnati, OH. She has also composed hundreds of one-of-a-kind poems written “on-the-spot” for individuals for the past several years, the majority of those during her time with Chase Public. This personal and ephemeral exchange is easily her favorite way to write poetry. Elese holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Cincinnati (2013). She lives in Nashville, dreams of Ohio, and rides her bike in the street.

Yuxiang Dong (born 1990, China) is an artist. His practices and research focus on the exploration of photography and media art as ethnographic methods in the Anthropocene. He has exhibited at Hermitage Museum & Gardens, Norfolk, VA, OCAT Institute, Beijing, Three Shadows photography Art Centre, Beijing, and other international venues. He has presented his research at Tate Liverpool, College Art Association Annual Conference, and other international institutions and conferences. Currently, he is teaching at the University of Cincinnati and Art Academy of Cincinnati. He holds a BFA in Photography from Beijing Film Academy, an MFA in Imaging Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology, and a PhD in Media, Art, and Text from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Photos courtesy of Mark Albain

On Belonging

Third Space Gallery’s first show brings together local artists on the idea of belonging – exploring identity, culture, place, and systems that shape community. The exhibition ran from March 26th to April 30th, 2022.

On Belonging, Third Space Gallery’s inaugural exhibition, is a celebration and acknowledgement of the many ways BIPOC artists are exploring ideas and questions of belonging. This show includes perspectives from 12 local artists whose works express a diverse view of what it means to belong. From what it means to fit within an identity, culture, or place, to the effects of exclusion and marginalization. The way we understand the feeling of belonging is shaped by who we are just as much as by what we’ve seen. This feeling is often difficult to describe from the outside; but can be beautiful and warm when you’re on the inside. Belonging to a place, an identity, a community, or a culture is necessary to our human experience. When that sense of belonging is taken away, it is often painful and sows divide. On Belonging brings together a diverse group of artists, and celebrates each expression of belonging so that we can build a more welcoming and vibrant community

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